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Books is a small, independent press and bookseller. We publish and sell fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, vignettes, U.S. immigration assimilation stories, U.S. cultural history books, children's books, and K-12 world history and educational materials for the North American market.

The new Vidya Books LLC, revived in 2010, is under the same ownership as in 1991, but it is now for all ages, and for all people. We have kept the old, but expanded. We have also been reborn in an electronic format. Our recommended titles are directly downloadable from our site, others are i-books from Apple (with an e-book app for Kindle), plus a print on demand (POD) option from Amazon, for those who prefer traditional books. Click Here to view our available books.

In addition to our own publications, since I have often been asked for reading lists, we also offer select, recommended books (listed under Recommended Books). You may also visit our Authors page for these recommended titles that are listed alphabetically. 

We have always been, in 2011 terminology, a business that combines ‘Do Well’ with ‘Do Good’, and we have a double (and now a triple) bottom line, which includes this third touchstone, of what is ethical for Education, society's (and everyone's) welfare.

For more information on why, when and how Vidya Books was formed, and by whom, click on our About Tab, to the left of this page.
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